Founder Testimony

In 2014, I was diagnosed with the initial symptom of cervical herniated nucleus pulpous from an orthopedic clinic located in Gangnam.
It took 8 weeks of remedial exercise to relieve pain and relevant symptoms from this illness.
Although exercise equipment for rehabilitation is different from equipment solely for fitness,
they are similar in terms of effectiveness and principle of exercise.
As a graduate from the College of Physical Education and former athlete,
I am equipped to understand the mechanisms of exercise equipment.
In 2016, I quit my own business and decided to
make exercise equipment to help other patients
who also suffer from cervical herniated nucleus pulpous
receive rehabilitation more easily and scientifically
After the establishment of the corporate institute, and 38 month of effort with researchers,
we succeeded in the development of Smart Neck. The product certification is an extensive process that takes 8-12 months.
The institute developed Smart Neck (TF-100) which can be used at fitness centers, workplaces, schools, and homes.
We launched Smart Neck (TF-100) in September 2019 after certification for KC, FCC, and CE.
Our researchers found that pliability of the neck declines after the 40s.
By keeping the right posture with muscular exercise for the neck before its pliability worsens,
you can improve the quality of your life. I appreciate your interest in Two Five Inc.