User's Guide

First-time User
Step 1]
. Search the App Store with your mobile phone "Smart Neck".
Install and register the Smart Neck app
*You must leave one space after typing smart.
*If you do not have a smartphone, please use the buttons (cannot save a record of exercise).
Step 2]
.Press the Bluetooth connection button.
*If you have more than one device, select the correct Bluetooth for the device.
Step 3]
Select Bluetooth starting with *****.
Step 4]
Adjust the height of the chair (automatically) to fit your body
and adjust the foot rest manually.
Step 5]
Register your pliability measurements, muscle measurements,
workout settings, then start your workout.
Experienced User
Step 1]
. Press the Bluetooth connection button and select the applied Bluetooth.
Step 2]
Adjust the footrest manually, and start workout. Chair height,
exercise intensity are automatically set from initial settings.
Exercise Method
Step 1]
Raise your foot over the foot rest and push the cushion
located at the back of your head as far as possible.
Step 2]
Push it to the maximum and hold it for
a certain time (3~5 seconds). At this time, breathe naturally.
Step 3]
Slowly return to the starting point again. If possible, abdominal breathing is better.
Step 4]
Repeat step 1~3 to exercise the set you specified.
  • 1]People with neck pain are not allowed to exercise. Start exercising after the pain is gone.
  • 2]Please do a light neck workout before starting exercise.
  • 3]Please apply strength slowly when measuring flexibility and muscle.
  • 4]If you have pain during exercise, stop exercising immediately.