Reviews of the Celebrities

I_Yong So
Chairman, Korea Medifit Trainer Association (KOMPA)
Smart neck is an icon of innovation that can exercise neck muscle while controlling load. The smart neck is a great achievement because it prevents the structure of shaking shoulders and chests by using the saddle angle and foot rest.
Automated load balancing also improves consumer convenience.
Additionally, the concept seems to fit the needs of modern people that your workout history is stored in a database so AI can manage your neck muscles for life.
Recognition stability seems to be no problem with many domestic and international certifications.
Please use the smart neck to have a healthy and happy life with a clear mood and the right posture.
Jeong-Eun Kim
Director of Pilates
These days, young women know the importance of neck posture on correct posture, so they often visit Pilates.

In fact, if your neck is flexible and straight, your posture is balanced, so you can create a beautiful body line that looks good.

That's why we use smart neck to more easily and systematically balance your neck.

As an instructor, of course, my members are using it with satisfaction, the reason is that the figures from the previous to the present are confirmed at once, by using the automated system through dedicated application.

Geon-Jae Park
Dong-Ah ENG
I am in charge of equipment manufacturing in a domestic auto parts company.
Because of my profession, I have to stand up or bend all the time, so it really strains my neck.

I'm naturally interested in neck health as this work pattern piles up and builds up, and also as I get older my neck feels stiff and tingling.

I've been using it for about 3 months now, and I've been doing neck exercises regularly so I feel my neck soft, and the stiff symptom got also improved.
I would like to recommend to office workers like me.
Sang-Gi Doo
Former National Aerobic Team Member
I used to be a national aerobics team member, so I was as confident as I could be.
I measured my neck flexibility and neck muscles using a smart neck, and I was surprised to find that it was below average.
It's a contrary evidence to neglecting the neck while exercising.
Realizing the necessity of neck muscle exercise, from last week I have been working hard on neck muscles with smart neck.

Lee Jae Sang
Hanwha Whittness (PT)
In the past, there were many users who wanted to be physically fit or on a diet.
I just had my members do a finishing touch with the recently introduced neck exercise, and it's a good response.

There was a member who said he wasn't anywhere else and brought a friend with him.Anyway, there are always a lot of users on the neck exercise machine.

Jang Won Suk
Director of the Headquarters of the Righteous Self-Passment Movement (Professor of Sports Medicine)
People who have a job title or turtle neck often ask what kind of exercise to do.
The most common answer was to pull your chin normally.
Exercise prescriptions usually guide the weakened back of the neck muscles by strengthening them, but there was a limit.
Smart neck seems to be a good tool to compensate for the limitations of neck motion.