Corporate Affiliated Research Institute

We do not compromise with anything that does not serve its purpose
Three Purposes
1] Realize rehabilitation functions as recognized
by medical professionals.
2] Create a new level of equipment by incorporating IOT
3] Compromise at an appropriate price.
Generally speaking, many engineers who learned and experienced in Korea would not strive to
work according to these purposes. In plain language, our main goal is "let's make the best
equipment in the world, but at a fair price." Through consistent effort over four years,
we achieved that goal.

After receiving a patent in Korea, we also filed a patent in the US, which we consider the main market.
In order for engineers to implement functions,
the equipment process goes through designing-drawing-sampling-assembling-general
reviewing-evaluating, which usually takes 2-3 months. "If we try a little harder,
consumers feel comfortable. Let's keep going."
With this philosophy, we have rebuilt 18 pieces of equipment overall.

The process of reconciling different ideas with engineers was not easy.
However, we are motivated by the thought,
"I hope that millions of people around the world who suffer from neck pain and
who need neck muscles can live a happy life with our equipment."
Please take care of your life with "Smart Neck" for your neck health.