Neck is a critical part to maintain good health
Improper posture of neck can cause headaches, rhinitis, cerebrovascular diseases and dementia. Since nerves and blood vessels pass through the neck, maintaining good neck condition is important. For instance, if the neck is seriously bent, the brain might not function normally due to the lack of blood flow.
Exercise Equipment called
"Smart Neck"
Utilizing IT technology, Smart Neck strengthens the neck muscle of anyone from ordinary people to athletes as the first exercise equipment for neck muscle strengthening in the Republic of Korea.
- Professional Consulting
for Neck
We have found that there is no medical equipment to cure the symptoms of wryneck or crooked neck, which can cause dementia. Therefore, we will become the First Penguin to lead in this field

Product Introduction

When you exercise with Smart Neck, its zero-gravity method application enables you to focus on neck exercise.
Furthermore, the load capacity can be adjusted with 0.5kg (1.1 lb) per unit for the best fit of one's neck muscle.
Including load capacity adjustment feature along with time and set adjustments, lead time adjustments,
and exercise range (maximum 72 degrees/270mm) to fit individual needs,
Smart Neck makes neck exercise safer and more scientific.
  • Exercise Equipment for the neck at Hospital
    It is exercise equipment for patients. Users receive physical therapy data,
    which is stored in the server through Bluetooth
  • Exercise Equipment for the neck at Gym
    It is exercise equipment for ordinary people as well as athletes. Users receive exercise data, which is stored in the server through Bluetooth.
  • Exercise Equipment for the neck at Home
    It is exercise equipment for everyone regardless of age and gender. Users receive exercise data, which is stored in the server through Bluetooth.

Main Functions

Measurement of both muscular strength and pliability of the neck
As high-quality equipment for measurement, two different sensors to measure both muscular strength (unit: kg)
and pliability (unit: mm) of the neck are installed to the product.
Lifetime management through AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Your neck is scientifically managed based on diverse statistical analysis of data which the sensors deliver.
For instance, the information on the age of the neck muscle is delivered through the AI function. This application provides a solution to manage the neck throughout its lifetime.
The corporate institute Two Five Inc. developed the equipment to measure both the pliability and muscular strength of the neck. When these measurements are taken, users are charged the fee of 100,000 KRW per time including the cost for analysis on the data.

On the other hand, customers of Smart Neck can use this service for free.
Connection to smartphones through Bluetooth
It is possible to adjust the height of the seat, load capacity, the number of times & sets, etc. through its Bluetooth application on smartphones.
Comfortable exercise based on the automatic system.
You can comfortably adjust the load capacity while sitting on the seat of the machine.
Optimized Mechanism
Angle for exercise is optimized to allow the muscle of the neck to move as much as possible.

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Obtained patents and certifications

Two Five Inc. established its internal institute and was guaranteed
as a start-up in terms of Technology Evaluation from Korea Technology Finance Corporation.
Two Five Inc. has produced the first exercise equipment to strengthen the muscle of the neck in the Republic of Korea,
and obtained both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We will continue to grow
as a company that contributes to the health of the Korean people.